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Sesame Oil

Category: اروما
  • Sesame Oil
  • Till Oil
  • 100% Natural Herbal Oil
  • 60ml

Skin Benefits

It works as a great skin moisturizer.

Sesame oil contains powerful antioxidant, vitamin E, which helps in preventing free radical damage.

Sesame oil also hosts another antioxidant called Sesamol, which is effective in holding back the aging process and giving process and giving you an opportunity to look younger.

Applying regularly keeps you skin soft, smooth & toned.

It has essential fatty acid that helps the skin to be looking young and it serves as a good moisturizer.

Hair Benefits

Works as a natural skin detoxifier.

You can get rid of head lice.

Prevents graying of hair in early age.

Promotes hair growth.

Protects hair from harmful UV Rays.

Prevents dandruff.

It works for deep conditioning.

Revitalizes damaged hair.

Combats hair loss due to stress.

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